Floreal Cake Decoration Company, was founded in 1961 in Milan as artistic decorations producer for pastry.

With more than 50 years experience, Floreal has become a ‘must have’ reference point and destination for Traditional Decorations (sugar, adragant gum, wafer, chocolate) and Candies (Lollipops, Candy container).
Our products satisfy an increasingly demanding market, while simultaneously ensuring that these self-same products carry that all-important individual signature which is unique to our producers

The main markets we supply are to be found in Europe, but we also service key nations in the wider international market place. The technological investments made in the company, along with the professionalism of our operators, are combined elements working successfully to ensure that the much sought after ‘Made in Italy’ mark carries on for at least another 50 years.

We devote, inconditionally, special attention to quality, service and customer satisfaction.

Our products are always stringently controlled in-house controlled by our dedicated staff in realising an effective top-to-bottom production process.

Our permanent goal and desire to satisfy all our customers’ needs is reflected in our policy of re-investing in design, technology and novelties, thus guaranteeing the best possible results for our customers at all times.